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Nonprofit Consulting from Inception to Implementation and Beyond

Launch your business or organization today!

Grow your organization to sustainability now with 

Foreseeing Success Strategic Consulting For Nonprofits

Attention: CEO/Presidents, Community Leaders,  Entrepreneurs,

Non-Profit Organization Leaders,

and Executive Directors!!!


Foreseeing Success

Strategic Nonprofit 

Consulting is for YOU!!!


  • Establish, Develop and Expand Your Business or Organization

  • Stimulate Growth

  • Revive Stagnation

  • Brainstorm with Results

  • Effectively Strategize 

  • Identify Opportunities and Resources





Expert Guidance

to take Your Business or Organization to the Next Level


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“Katie has been encourager when I was uncertain about the direction I was going in my ministry and on the quest to start my non-profit “A Place of Purpose” she met me at a coffee shop and helped me with the beginning process of legally claiming my DBA’s by walking me through the process one step at a time, making things so clear that I was able to help others in the same way.  Katie also helped me to obtain web domains and is currently mentoring me from time to time in various business adventures.”

Cherie Ford

“THANK YOU for putting the FIRE back in me, I did my PROPOSAL, and reached out to a couple of the schools that I was in the pipeline of what I had going on before and guess what?!!! THEY ARE STILL INTERESTED and would actually like to order a couple of my programs. WHOOT WHOOT!!! Thank you so much Katie! I truly appreciate the encouragement; it means a lot from someone I admire.”

Keisha Montfleury

“One of the best things about working with Katie McClendon for Business Consulting is that she really listened to the vision and the plan that we had for our company. And instead of doing all of the work for us and giving us what she thought we should have; we were able to work WITH her and build our foundation and platform together. Business Consulting with Katie was really empowering and very impactful. I have really learned a lot from Katie McClendon by using her Business Consulting services. It has been a truly pleasant and wonderful experience. I definitely see us working together more in the future as my business continues to grow. I recommend her Consulting services to anyone looking to grow their Business.”

Zenata Tatum

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