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A Guide to Everyday Excellence

Foreseeing Success encouragement for all. Simple enough to educate a child and deep enough to inspire an adult.

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Foreseeing Success is a self-help book that will encourage you, empower you and motivate you to achieve success. Foreseeing Success is an anthology of original, inspirational and motivational poetry. Along with positive affirmations, helpful tips and useful activities to help you master positive thinking, accomplish your goals and transform your life forever. This collection of down-to-earth poems, positive affirmations and enlightening activities are simple enough to educate a child yet deep enough to encourage an adult. Foreseeing Success will help you unlock your full potential and navigate your way to success in every area of you life. Foreseeing Success is your guide to everyday excellence.

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Foreseeing Success Curriculum:

The Foreseeing Success Curriculum is designed for Educators, Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Superintendents and Community Leaders who are looking for a curriculum to enhance student's character, vocabulary, creativity, coping skills, critical thinking, communication skills, public speaking skills, team building and cooperation. 


Kyara Thompson, 6th grade

“My favorite poem in “Foreseeing Success” by Katie McClendon is “Sober Mind” pg.13. That’s my favorite poem because it’s telling you not to smoke or use drugs.  Using drugs can ruin your life.

Precious Jacobs, 7th grade

“My favorite poem is “Survival” pg.23 because it keeps me pushing every day, even though people bring me down.”

Ayana Bean, 8th grade

“My favorite poem is “I AM” pg.70. This is my favorite poem because it gives me a chance to be myself in confidence. This book has helped me by showing me a different side of not only myself but of other people as well.”

Loreto Barraza, 7th grade

“My favorite poem is “Judge Not” pg.43. This is my favorite poem because it says, “never judge what you don’t know” and that hit the back of my soul. This book helped me realize that I just need to keep trying and never give up!”

Angelica Lemus, 8th grade

“Higher Learning” pg.80. “It is my favorite poem because it talks about getting a higher education and also getting into college.”

Esther Argueta, 8th grade

“My favorite poem is “Money Wise” pg.84, because it is talking about being responsible with your money. It explains how if you want to achieve your goals and do things in life, you gotta be careful with your “dinero”. Currently in my life I am going through tough times, but this book has helped me put my mind back to where it belongs.”


Jasmine Bracamantes, 7th grade

“My favorite poem is “Sober Mind” pg. 13. It is my favorite because I can relate to the poem. I can relate to the poem because people around me be doing drugs and ask me if I want some, but I’ve learned to say no! This book has explained many good and encouraging things and they help me make better choices.”

Ashlie Garcia, 8th Grade

” Shine Like A Star” pg.17. “That’s my favorite poem because it is talking about dreaming and to be kind with others and not to allow them to call me a “bluff”. The poem teaches me not only to be nice to others, but it helps me to believe that I will be loved like no other.”

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