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Instant Inspiration

Motivational Speaking 

  • If you are an organization, school, foundation, community group, or educational program looking for a speaker for your next event--

  • If your audience wants to hear an amazing testimony--

  • If you want to share a captivating true story about overcoming the odds with your students--

  • If you want your staff to be motivational and inspired to never give up--



Booking Katie McClendon to speak at
your next event is the right choice.

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Katie tells a true Survivors tale. She has managed to go from victim to victorious. Overcoming a gang and drugs neighborhood, community violence, domestic violence, severe physical abuse, verbal and mental abuse, financial abuse, homelessness, living in a shelter, major depression, being a High School Dropout, being a teenage mother to becoming a successful business owner, author, proud mother, college graduate, Nonprofit Organization Founder and CEO, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Child Development Expert, Advocate and Educator. 

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